Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Horrible, Soulless Clock Is Right Twice A Day Alert

Douchebag, Son of Douchebag is correct for once over at RedState, which shall not be linked.  The words shall be displayed.

And he's goddamn right.  When, not if, the GOP shuts down the government again in order to stop President Obama, they will suffer no lasting harm from it at all.  Clinton was impeached, and not only did the GOP keep the House and pick up Senate seats, they won the White House.

There is nothing the GOP can do that will cause voters to punish them for anymore in the Age of Obama.

Nothing.  2014's election was 100% proof of that.  The insanity is coming. They will defund Obamacare and immigration and EPA coal plant rules and tens of millions of voters will cheer them on because screw the black-ass President and those people.

End of line.

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