Friday, December 12, 2014

Don't Get This Band Back Together, Please

One thing Hillary Clinton can attempt to do in order to address concerns of African-American voters like myself who did not vote for her in the 2008 primaries is to not surround herself with the people she had in 2007-2008. You know, back when her campaign braintrust decided that trashing Obama with good ol' Southern Strategy garbage was OH HELLO LANNY DAVIS.

Last week, on Dec. 4, I helped organize a Ready for Hillary fundraiser in Montgomery County, Md., in the immediate suburbs of Washington, D.C. The organization, an independent grassroots committee, has been at work for the past year gathering millions of names and small donations in support of Hillary Rodham Clinton for president — that is, just in case she decides to run in 2016.

Never the hell mind with that plan then.

By the way, Davis goes on to say Martin O'Malley's people are backing Hillary now, but the funny part is O'Malley is going after Hillary over her refusal to prosecute Bush/Cheney era torture.

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