Sunday, December 21, 2014

Last Call For A Firing Offense

Just a reminder that racism is still a problem in America, racism among young people is a problem (in case you subscribed to the theory that old racists will just die off or something, it wasn't true 50 years ago, it's not true now) and that racism among cops is a problem.  This from Cleveland:

Aaron McNamara is a young auxiliary officer at the Fairview Park police department [Update: "was" an auxiliary officer with Fairview police; he resigned less than an hour after this story was posted], climbing up the law enforcement ladder as he finishes his college degree this semester with dreams of becoming a federal agent, he says. On social media, he says he's gone through training with the Ohio State Highway Patrol, and this June he tweeted he was "Officially sworn in with the Fairview Park Police Department. Wow, this feels good. #DreamChasing."

He also has many thoughts about African Americans.

Over the past two years, McNamara has been commenting on YouTube videos — mostly about black people and law enforcement — regularly dropping racial and gay slurs, unambiguously expressing hatred towards minorities and anyone who dare not comply with what police say. He calls black people in videos "jungle monkeys," "spooks," and worse. He commented on a video of a young black child swearing, saying "This is how cop killers are raised my friends." He's also a fan of when police officers shoot and rough up non-compliant civilians.

Among Aaron McNamara's pearls of wisdom?

"Abolishing slavery was the worst thing we could have done. These people should be exterminated.. Unbelievable."

Reminder, this guy is in college (so educated enough to finish high school and pursue a degree), he wasn't in the South (Cleveland), is a Millennial in his twenties (so not from the 1950's or anything) and of course training to become a cop.

A cop who believes people like me should be "exterminated".

Raise your hand if you believe he is alone in meeting this criteria in America as we head into 2015.


ComradeRutherford said...

Nobody will have learned anything. The Serious Democrats will be standing by waiting to fulfill their duty when the GOP races too far right and America recoils in horror. The Serious Democrats will then take up the majority and promptly betray the Democratic base as they always do, to make sure the GOP is out of power for as short a time as possible.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Obviously you prefer the purity trolls who deliberately sabotage elections, throwing the Republicans into power so that the American People will recoil from the horror of life under their domination and leapfrog over the Democrats to demand salvation from you and your gang. Shoo, little elwior, shoo! Scamper on the back to PanicDogLake or the Daily Kos or what ever rancid pesthole you call home. The grownups are figuring out how to solve a difficult problem, and your poo flings are not helpful.

And don't flatter yourself: you hysterical ninnies are hardly the Democratic Base. Your pathetic attempts to extort undeserved concessions are why no one trusts you, no one respects you, and everyone mocks your pretensions. Grow up, learn something about how the world works, and come back; maybe we can talk then.

ComradeRutherford said...

Setting aside your un-called-for assholery, I prefer to vote for actual Democrats. Unfortunately, we don't have any of those.

And the 'rancid pesthole I call home' is Raw Story.

You are far, far away from being a 'grownup', if you can't even have one single idea worthy of engaging in debate and instead debase yourself with grade-school insults.

The Democrats that deliberately throw the election to the GOP are the Mainstream Democrats we've seen for the last 30 years, Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, the Blue Dogs. I'm saying that I wish we had actual Democrats and you are clearly against that and want more demoralizing Fake Dems that always side with the GOP.

Finally, FLAGGED for violating Raw Story's TOS.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

I can stop here, seeing how you have dug your own grave, but in the interests of charity I will take a moment and point out the obvious.

If you hate the Democratic Party so much that you consider every single Democrat who actually exists to be a fake, then the problem is not with the Democrats but with you. Rather than the Democratic Base, you are more accurately described as that gang of loons out on the fringes of the coalition who spend all their time cultivating their grudges and plotting revenge against the unappreciative stooges who really do constitute the party base. You lot can not get your people elected because your ideas are stupid and your policies are unpopular, but like all irresponsible simpletons you prefer to blame others for your own failures.

If the only "Democrat" you would vote for is the imaginary shibboleth inside your skull, that makes you one of those annoying parasites who has no use for the Party except as a vehicle for his own little schemes. A battalion of you have been swarming around since the election, bragging that you threw the elections in the name of your crackpot theory to heighten the contradictions and hasten the revolution after a purifying sentence of Republican rule. That particular stupid idea has been around for more than a century and a half, it has never worked before, and there is no reason to suspect that it might work this time. All you have down is to sow needless suffering, suffering that you weasel will taste only lightly.

In closing, "Comrade," a real Communist would kick your lilly ass. Put down the keyboard and go cry to your emoprog buddies.

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