Friday, January 16, 2015

Last Call For Dumb As An Iceberg

A CNN poll on global warming finds that after 7 years of asking the question, America's views on the subject haven't really changed much over the years.

Considering those numbers were 54%/20%/22%/4% in May 2007, it seems like we're stuck in a long-term rut of ignorance.  It explains why Republicans are quick to refer to global warming as "the Left's religion" so often.

First of all, Bobby Jindal is a man with a biology degree and should know better, but he chooses not to.  Second, comparing belief in science to religious faith just serves to piss liberals off (ever the point of 90% of what Republicans do or say.)  Third, it puts religion on par with science in a way that equates them in validity, as modern Christian conservatives can be very good at dismissing other "religions" quite handily in order to feel more superior about their own beliefs.

So yes, it's a calculated strike, and an effective one.  We're effectively destroying science education in this country, and education in general.  A stupid, ignorant populace that can't think for thmeselves is easy to control.

Very easy.  You just need a cable news network.

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