Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Last Call For Number Three

Slate's John Dickerson:

Mitt Romney never "genuinely" believes anything.

Supporters say that what’s still true about Romney is that he has the skills that would be useful in the White House. Since his defeat, a series of management failures in government agencies like the IRS, Veterans Affairs, and the botched rollout of Obamacare have demonstrated a need for someone with Romney’s talent for turning around big institutions. Romney and his boosters also say his foreign policy assessment about Russia was validated after the election, giving him standing in a field that at the moment doesn’t contain anyone with substantial foreign policy experience.

Romney’s supporters also say that while he may have flaws, other candidates do too and he has advantages they don’t have. He has run before and they describe him as more relaxed and looser. With his name recognition and ability to raise ready cash, Romney could possibly take advantage of a shortened campaign calendar that party strategists say will favor well-funded candidates who can compete in multiple states and afford the complicated delegate husbanding operation.

The big question for Romney to consider is this: Now that he has enjoyed a resuscitation of his reputation among Republicans, could he handle coming in fifth in a primary or enduring the everyday indignities of a modern campaign? That would be an especially deep price to pay if he shows the more personal side that he—and particularly his wife, Ann Romney—believe he was never allowed to show in the last race.

I honestly don't know who's the bigger idiot, Mitt or the people who enable him.

Seriously, Mitt may think he's entitled to the White House by dint of being Mitt Romney, and yeah, 60 million people voted for him.  It's possible he could win.

Two losses to Obama says he can't.


RepubAnon said...

I'm guessing some kind of tax shelter scam linked to his running again...

Churchlady320 said...

Mitt's management track record is second in awfulness to only Donald Trump. How they keep fooling their peers into thinking they're competent is beyond me.

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