Monday, January 19, 2015

Whatever Would Give You That Idea?

Gotta hand it to Maryland's pro-Confederacy crew, knowing that Dr. King's birthday is on the 15th of January means the third weekend in January is always a good time to celebrate General Robert E. Lee's birthday too, because both sides.

Dozens of demonstrators wearing Confederate uniforms marched Saturday morning in Baltimore to honor Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, two days before the holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr. 
About 50 protesters stood silently across the street from the pro-Confederate rally, and some of them carried signs urging the Civil War enthusiasts to change the date of their annual demonstration, reported The Baltimore Sun
Members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and United Daughters of the Confederacy said they chose the date to honor the Confederate generals at their birthdays – which are Jan. 19 and 21. 
King’s birthday was Jan. 15, and the federal holiday is held on the third Monday of each January. 
The pro-Confederate demonstration has been held on the third weekend of January for years, although members are not sure how the long the event has been held. 
Some group members said they had attended ceremonies in the 1950s at the Lee-Jackson monument, near the Baltimore Museum of Art. 
The event has drawn more attention in recent years, and local Quakers have helped organize silent protests for the past three years asking them to choose another weekend to honor the Confederate generals.

"Oh it's Dr. King's weekend?  Well, we were here first, you know.  Perhaps you should find another time to celebrate your little holiday or whatever while we celebrate our 150 years of Southern culture."

Pretty masterful job or trolling, frankly.  

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