Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Last Call For Damn Kids

And this is what the constant dumbing down of science education for the last 15 years has wrought among the Millennials.

For Christ's sake, guys.  This is the generation that sees global climate change wrecking your planet, but vaccinations are "meh, whatever, they probably cause autism"?  Seriously?

C'mon.  Be better than this.


Lucy Montrose said...

Actually, to me it's not necessarily about Millennials being dumber at science (they can't be ALL that dumb because climate change!), so much as it's about they being really, deeply afraid of autism. After all, autism robs you of social skills; and Millennials more than any other generation have got the message saying that without social skills you are dog meat. Unemployable. A second-class citizen.

Frank McCormick said...

Lucy: "One stupid comment" alright . The nice neat pattern suggests more that those who are not familiar with the diseases that had been almost eradicated by immunizations are most likely not to see the necessity. I'm having a hard time believing that those that are already inoculated are afraid of losing their minds.

Lucy Montrose said...

They're not afraid of they themselves losing their minds. They're afraid of their kids being stuck in the new underclass.

For that's a side of the explosion in autism diagnoses that almost nobody talks about: the labor and workplace side. What kinds of jobs do we mainly have in America? Service jobs... in other words, jobs that require us to have a salesman's personality or perform a lot of emotional labor. Jobs that employers are liable to write autistics, introverts, and divergent thinkers off from as a matter of course. After all, you can teach skills, but you can't teach the right attitude; goes their thinking.

Not enough people are asking whether we want our economy to be one in which only one personality type can succeed. Not enough people are asking, why do I have to act like an Amway salesman or a Wall Street hustler to be considered not only a good worker, but an emotionally intelligent person?

Instead, they think they can't do anything about these big, economic system-wide issues... after all, another message we have all absorbed is we can't change the world; we can only change ourselves.
So we wring our hands about any child who might not fit in, autistic or not. Any trait that may take one out of the competition of life, is to be feared and avoided at all costs. Just picking our battles and changing ourselves, instead of attempting to heal this sick job market.

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