Thursday, February 5, 2015

Last Call For One Dares Call It Treason

Ho hum, another week, another open carry advocate caught threatening lawmakers who disagree with him, hoping to intimidate people with his big, shiny overcompensation tool.

The outspoken leader of an open carry gun group denied Wednesday that he was threatening Texas lawmakers when he called the restriction of citizens' gun rights "treason" that is "punishable by death" under the Constitution.

In a video that was removed from Facebook but uploaded to YouTube by a user named "CoCo Mars," Open Carry Tarrant County leader Kory Watkins ranted about the need to implement "Constitutional Carry," or the legal carrying of a handgun without a government permit. 
"I don’t know if they forgot what their duty is, but it’s to protect the Constitution. And let me remind you, going against the Constitution is treason," Watkins said on the video. "And, my friend, that is punishable by death. That’s how serious this is." 
“They better start giving us our rights or this peaceful non-cooperation stuff is going to be gamed up. We’re going to step it up a notch,” he added. “We should be demanding these people give us our rights back, or it’s punishable by death.” 
Watkins said later Wednesday in a Facebook post that he took down the video because he thought people would misinterpret his message: that he "simply wished to point out the seriousness of the constitution."

There's very little room for misinterpretation of "it's punishable by death" and "this peaceful non-cooperation stuff is going to be gamed up" when your goal is to literally wave armed weapons around in public and the subjects of your ire are lawmakers who disagree.  This is intimidation and threatening behavior by an armed group of thugs, period.

And as I keep saying, there's a federal law enforcement term for people who use the threat of violence to affect legislative changes by duly elected lawmakers and executives: Terrorist.

These guys are far more dangerous than the notion that "ISIS bad guys" will infiltrate the country and cause mayhem.  Assholes like Watkins are already here, armed, and clearly ready to "step it up a notch" to get what they want.

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RepubAnon said...

I see that there are lots of people talking about the threat of "lone wolf" terrorists - without mentioning folks like Kory Watkins. Imagine the Republican reaction if the ATF started up a sting operation designed to catch "Second Amendment activists" (or gun nuts as they're more accurately known) planning terrorist acts.

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