Saturday, February 21, 2015

Splitting Hairs In Colorado

Police have arrested a suspect in last month's bombing of an NAACP office in Colorado Springs, but the suspect is saying he wasn't targeting that office(?) KUSA in Colorado Springs:

Investigators are looking into the possibility a tax preparation business may have been the target of the bombing as opposed to the NAACP.

Thaddeus Murphy, 44, of Colorado Springs has been arrested by federal law enforcement officials, but so far charges haven't been officially filed against him.

9Wants to Know has learned Murphy was taken into federal custody sometime on Thursday.

According to high-level sources close to the investigation, Murphy's home was searched, and investigators found items that connect to the bombing.
The FBI, ATF and Colorado Springs law enforcement officers were seen executing a search warrant in Colorado Springs on Thursday.

Murphy told investigators he intended to target the tax preparation company and not the NAACP during an interview, according to sources.

An affidavit said Murphy was targeting an accountant named Steve Dehaven who "wouldn't return to him his tax records from 2006 to the present and wouldn't return his phone calls." The affidavit says Murphy had to file bankruptcy and needed the records due to his financial issues.

The affidavit claimed he "flipped out" and "built the pipe bomb as a warning."

The right seems to think this is now okay and that the real bad guys here are anyone who "jumped to the conclusion" that the NAACP office was the target, despite the fact that the NAACP office was indeed damaged.  You know, I'm the bad guy here rather than the guy who planted a pipe bomb and a can of gas.

Apparently being thought of as racist is worst than a terrorist act of using an explosive on a place of business in order to terrorize someone.  "As a warning". 

Funny, entirely not-racist world we live in, huh.

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