Sunday, March 8, 2015

Last Call For It's All Over, Kids

Mark Halperin has declared Hillary Clinton "done for" over this email thing. John Amato:

Bloomberg News' Mark Halperin has changed his mind over Hillary Clinton's chances of becoming president because of the news that Hillary used a private email while at the State Department and told ABC's This Week, that she's all but done as a candidate. That's a pretty big turnaround over a story that hasn't birthed any damning information about the former first lady at his time.

Charles Pierce calls the media reaction to the #E-MailWhateverYouCallIt a lightweight feeding frenzy.

Halperin is now the unofficial leader of #ItstheEndOfHillaryClintonAsPresidentHooah! club.

MARK HALPERIN, BLOOMBERG NEWS: I said a few weeks ago on this show that I thought she was easily the most likely president of the United States. I now think not only is she because of this as a symptom and a cause, I now think she's not only easily the most likely, I don't think she's any more the most likely.

I think it's important to hold all politicians accountable for their actions, but Halperin's breathless condemnation of Hillary Clinton is off the wall.

I agree, but let's not forget guys like Halperin thrive on this stuff.  I'm certainly not counting her out this early.

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