Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dear America

Dear America:

"Are you convinced yet that with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton that there's simply no room for white men in the Democrat party anymore?"

--Josh Kraushaar, National Journal

Bonus Verbatim Stupid(tm):

It's part of why freshman Sen. Elizabeth Warren inspires excitement from the party's grassroots, but former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, whose progressive record in office set liberal benchmarks, isn't even polling at 1 percent nationally. It's why Sherrod Brown, a populist white male senator from a must-win battleground state is an afterthought in the presidential sweepstakes. It's why Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, a runner-up to be Obama's running mate in 2008, quickly jumped on the Clinton bandwagon instead of pursuing any national ambitions. On Bernstein's list of 16 possible challengers, 15 are white and nine are white males. That makes many of them untenable standard-bearers in the modern Democratic Party.

Got that? White men are now "untenable" as Democratic candidates, according to Republican white guy, who hopes white men will choose to vote GOP to punish everyone else.

Somehow I don't think Josh here has the best interests of the Democrats in mind.

1 comment:

drspittle said...

Maybe Sherrod Brown is an after thought in the Presidential sweepstakes because he doesn't want to run for President? Did they miss the Obama Outrage of the Day?

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