Thursday, April 16, 2015

Republican Loyalty Israeli Up For Debate

If you want to know where years of Obama Derangement Syndrome has gotten us, then the latest Bloomberg Politics poll on Israel is a real eye-opener and more than a bit disturbing.

Israel has become a deeply partisan issue for ordinary Americans as well as for politicians in Washington, a shift that may represent a watershed moment in foreign policy and carry implications for domestic politics after decades of general bipartisan consensus.

Republicans by a ratio of more than 2-to-1 say the U.S. should support Israel even when its stances diverge with American interests, a new Bloomberg Politics poll finds. Democrats, by roughly the same ratio, say the opposite is true and that the U.S. must pursue its own interests over Israel's.

Further illustrating how sharply partisan the debate has become, Republicans say they feel more sympathetic to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu than to their own president, 67 percent to 16 percent, while Democrats are more sympathetic to President Barack Obama than to Israel's prime minister, 76 percent to 9 percent.

The latter I can understand, with FOX News and talk radio training Americans to openly hate their president on a daily basis.  But the former means two-thirds of Republicans are willing to commit nothing short of treason, and the notion (often repeated by these same Republicans) that we have to "take our country back" means something entirely more sinister in light of this information.

When your Obama Derangement Syndrome manifests in a desire to help a foreign ally undermine the United States government, you have a problem.  Republicans will tell you it's okay because hey, they don't recognize President Obama anyway (and hell they think he's actually the Antichrist.)

Gotta love modern GOP "patriotism".  Towards Israel, over America, because screw Obama.

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Horace Boothroyd III said...

This is nothing short of bizarre.

How can any American, much less a flag waving chest thumping hyperpatriot of the sort the Republicans brag of being, EVER under any circumstances place the interests of country X ahead of the interests of America?

My head is about to explode from the chutzpah of it all.

Upon a bit of reflection, this attitude enables some people to advocate - tirelessly, for decades on end - that we should have mercy on Jonathan Pollard because he did not really spy on America on behalf of a foreign nation. If you think of it in a certain way. So there's that.

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