Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hostile Environment In Washington

Should Republicans get the White House and keep Congress in 2016, look for bills like this effort to destroy the Environmental Protection Agency to become law very, very quickly.

Rep. Sam Johnson (R-Texas) introduced a bill, the Wasteful EPA Programs Elimination Act, which he said is a money-saving measure, citing a Heritage Foundation forecast that it would save $7.5 billion over 10 years.“As a fiscal conservative, I believe Washington should be respectful of taxpayers’ dollars and live within its means,” Johnson said in a Thursday statement.

“American taxpayers certainly don’t need to be paying for the EPA’s empty and unused buildings and its wasteful programs,” he said. “This bill does right by the hardworking folks in my district and across the country and is part of my ongoing effort to get our fiscal house in order.”

The measure would force the EPA to close all of its field offices, sell or lease certain properties, cut various climate change programs and stop its environmental justice activities.

It would also stop the EPA from regulating ground-level ozone and from limiting the greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles and power plants, the subject of the most controversial EPA programs recently.

We could save $7.5 billion almost immediately if we stopped giving taxpayer money to oil companies making billions in profits.  But that will never happen.  Instead, let's destroy the agency trying to make sure we have clean air and water.

Gotta pollute.  It's the Republican way.  But there's no difference between the two parties, remember?

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