Wednesday, June 10, 2015

From The "About Damn Time" Department

(CNN)Just days after a video that went viral online showed him yanking a 14-year-old bikini-clad girl to the ground and kneeling on her back, Eric Casebolt has resigned from his post as a corporal for the Police Department in McKinney, Texas.
There are disagreements as to whether race played a role in the incident. Of course it did, because I cannot imagine a white teenage girl being handled like that.

However, what it is beyond question is police brutality.  His entire reaction from start to finish was not justified, and I am glad to see the Police Chief rebuke his actions, flat out stating their policies do not support his behavior.

This may not seem like much, but for the simple fact that YouTube is overwhelmed with these videos, the tide must eventually turn.  How many more innocent people will be hurt while we wait?

That's largely up to the police to decide, unfortunately.  

1 comment:

Jado said...

"...Eric Casebolt has resigned from his post..."

Aaaaannnndddd he gets to keep his pension.....

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