Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Last Call For King Of Douchebags

Meet the King in King v Burwell, the man suing the federal government to take affordable health care away from millions.

Millions of people are waiting anxiously for the Supreme Court to decide the fate of President Obama’s health care law with a ruling this month on health insurance subsidies. But David M. King, a plaintiff in the case, is not among them.

Mr. King, 64, said recently that he was reasonably confident he would prevail in his challenge to the subsidies, a central element of the Affordable Care Act.

“We have a good chance of winning,” he said in an interview at his home here.

Mr. King and three other Virginia residents are challenging the payment of subsidies in states like Virginia that depend on the federal insurance marketplace. They contend that the 2010 health care law allows subsidies only in states that establish their own marketplaces.

But Mr. King said that he was not really worried about the outcome of the case, King v. Burwell, because as a Vietnam veteran, he has access to medical care through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

If he wins, Mr. King said, “the left will blow it out of proportion and claim that eight million people will lose their health insurance.” But he said lawyers had assured him that “things are in play to take care of the problem.

Mr. King did not provide details, and supporters of the health care law have said that there are no quick or easy solutions if the Supreme Court rules against it. The president could not simply give out subsidies if the court stripped them away, so the critical decisions about how to respond “would sit with Congress and the states,” said Sylvia Mathews Burwell, the secretary of health and human services.

Oh, there would be a quick way to fix it.  Republicans refuse to do it, because they want millions to lose affordable health care, and they are willing to sacrifice those people in order to attack President Obama.

Besides, Mr King will have his health care, through the VA and soon Medicare (he's 64, you see.)

Everyone else?  Go to hell.

That's your GOP.


Horace Boothroyd III said...

Some of us have long memories.

The True Believers among the hysterical ninnie set over at the Daily Kos are doing what they do, which is to gussie up their lefty savior of day as being pure as the driven snow.

However, I remember a time - could it have been only six years ago? why yes, I do believe it was - when the Republicans had closed ranks against the Affordable Care Act in a Senate that was split 60-40 precisely. This meant that President Obama needed exactly every non-Republican vote in order to pass anything. This bit of strategery took every scrap of power away from the Republicans and served it up on silver platters to the most odious right wing Democratic Thugs, like "Traitor Joe" Lieberman and the rest of that gang of malefactors that is no longer in office.

Not one to miss a trick, "Eagle Eye" Bernie of Vermont tried to leverage his vote into a passle of goodies for the home state, just like "Cornhusker Care Ben" Nelson of Nebraska. That trick was pretty sleazy for a supposed paragon of all that is Right and Holy. Not to mention that he comes from the state with the highest rates of incest and child rape in the country, a secret that the Green Mountain Boys like to keep to themselves.

We may one day be blessed with a government sponsored National Health Service, probably not a strict single payer scheme because We are Special but there are many workable models out there, and when that day comes I will be shouting "not a moment too soon!" but when that day comes it will not be the result of anything Bernie Sanders, Socialist of Vermont, has done to advance the cause.

So I hear you on the topic of Bernie and Race. The government can do a lot to fix our common economic woes, but it can and should and must do a hell of a lot more to fix the flaming racist gasbags running around committing violence with impunity.

Odie said...

So True

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