Monday, June 8, 2015


As you probably surmised from the missing StupidiNews this morning, something's different today.  Me, I'm taking a vacation for a few days.  Bon will be by with some stuff this week.  I should be back end of the week or so.

Have fun without me for a bit.


Jado said...

"So its recent disappointments hit the right-wing cause hard — especially coming on the heels of the Kansas debacle."

I don't believe this for a second - the Right Wing cause cannot be hit - ever. The people who constitute the Right Wing Cause do not believe that anything bad that happens is ever the fault of policies - it's always the fault of those dirty hippies and those sneaky Democrats.

There are no consequences. There will be no comeuppance, or epiphany. Ever.

Kitty Smith said...

Have fun, Zandar!

RepubAnon said...

I agree that Democrats should seek to attract the White Working Class voter - and that is exactly what Hillary's doing right now. Playing the "we won't destroy the middle class quite as quickly as the Republicans will" card won't cut it now that folks have realized that "champagne wishes and caviar dreams" are not in their futures unless they chose the right parents.

Nathan Tyree said...

So, in 1992 Clinton got 370EV, 43% of the vote, 44,909,806 actual votes. In 2008 Obama got 365EV, 53% of the popular and
69,498,516 actual votes. Seems less narrow to me. Popular and Electoral landslide. 25 million more votes.

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