Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Last Call For Black Lives Matter

Here in Cincinnati this afternoon, Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters announced the indictment of UC police officer Ray Tensing on charges of murder for the shooting death of Samuel DuBose. The video of Tensing's body cam will be the evidence that most likely sends him to life in prison.

Video of the incident shows Tensing approach the car July 19 and ask Dubose for his driver’s license, but the driver does not do so. 
Dubose insists he has a license and asks the officer to check his name to confirm, but he does not offer any explanation for why he cannot show his license. 
Tensing asks about a bottle he can see inside the vehicle, and Dubose hands him a bottle of gin. 
The officer asks him to be honest and admit if his license is suspended, but Dubose insists that his license is valid. 
Tensing then asks Dubose to unbuckle his seat belt and step out of the car, and the driver starts to do so. 
As he turns to unbuckle the seat belt, he apparently takes his foot off the brake, causing the car to move slightly. 
The officer then draws his weapon and fires immediately, killing Dubose.

That's it.  No warning, no reason, just point blank slaughter.  Because his foot came off the brake slightly.  For this he was sentenced to immediate death.

And then Tensing and the UC police department covered it up.

“He didn’t do anything violent to the officer, he wasn’t dragging him, and he intentionally pulled out his gun and shot him in the head,” said Prosecutor Joe Deters. 
The officer told 911 dispatchers immediately after the shooting that he fired one shot, fatally striking Dubose in the head, because he was “almost run over” during the traffic stop. Tensing said in the incident report that he was “dragged” by the vehicle
“He was making excuses for the purposeful killing of another person,” Deters said. “I’m not saying he’s smart, I’m saying that’s what I think he did.”

Tensing wasn't dragged.  Nothing happened to him at all.  He just executed a man in cold blood for no reason whatsoever.  Then he lied about it, Proseuctor Deters flat out said that without the body camera footage, there would have not been any charges.  Two officers backed up Tensing's outright lies about being "dragged" and the Cincinnati media ran with the narrative.

Until the bodycam video surfaced.  That video is going to put Ray Tensing in prison.  Without it he would still be a free man.  You will never convince me otherwise.

Enjoy your prison time, asshole.

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