Friday, September 18, 2015

A Bunch Of Boobs In Springfield

Bon The Geek has asked me to pass on this article about Springfield, Missouri's ridiculous new city indecent exposure ordinance, and how it's likely not going to survive a legal challenge.

Springfield’s new indecent exposure ordinance went into effect the moment the votes were cast. Almost as quickly, opponents of the new law are looking for ways to fight back. 
Jessica Lawson, who has been one of the organizers of the recent Free the Nipple rallies, said she was in contact Monday with someone from the American Civil Liberties Union. 
“They just reached out to me today,” she said. “We’re still discussing options with what we’re going to do.” 
Lawson posted a response from the ACLU on her group’s Facebook page: 
“We would be interested in talking to you and others about a potential legal challenge to the new ordinance,” it says. 
While protesters plan their next steps, people on both sides of the issue are reacting to Monday’s 5-4 vote.

And the ordinance is just appallingly stupid, designed to shut down Free The Nipple and Slut Walk rallies in town rather than raise awareness about rape and sexual assault.

We'll have more on this silliness on this weekend's Podcast Versus The Stupid.

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