Monday, September 7, 2015

Last Call For Labor, Dazed

This Labor Day, we find that Ohio workers under Gov. John Kasich haven't had a good year.   Whereas America grew by 3.5 million more jobs in the last 12 months, Kasich's policies managed to cause to the state to lose 35,000 jobs since the 2007 recession began.  The state has yet to recover.

More than six years into the official recovery from the last recession, Ohio has not yet recovered the jobs we lost. The country as a whole and most states passed that threshold over a year ago. Ohio had 35,400 fewer jobs in June 2015 than it had when the recession officially started in December 2007, a 0.7 percent loss. The nation added 2.5 percent to its job base over that period. Ohio has underperformed the nation over various time periods – since June 2005 when Ohio passed tax cuts targeted to the wealthiest in the name of job creation; since January 2011 when John Kasich became governor; since December 2007, when the recession started; and over the last year, since July 2014. By June 2015, the most recent revised data available, we had 5,384,200 jobs in Ohio, still more than 240,000 jobs shy of 2000, the peak job year.

 Wages are down too under Kasich, no surprise there.

Ohio’s median wage, once more than 8.7 percent above that of the nation, was over 5 percent less than the national in 2014. Ohio’s median wage dipped slightly last year to $16.05 an hour and remains lower than in all but eight of the last 36 years, adjusted for inflation. This is at the heart of what remains wrong with the Ohio labor market – regular Ohioans are left out of our productivity growth. The entire bottom 80 percent of the earnings spectrum is earning less than comparable workers did in 1979, adjusted for inflation.

Kasich has taken aim at the unions and is desperately trying to turn Ohio into a right to work state.  His policies have cut wages dramatically.

And let's keep is mind he wants to do to America what he did to Ohio.

What did you expect from George W. Bush's budget director?

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