Saturday, September 19, 2015

Live By Your Ignorant Political Supporters...

President Obama’s top spokesman slammed Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Friday for failing to condemn a supporter who claimed Obama is a Muslim who was born abroad.

“Is anybody really surprised this happened at a Donald Trump rally?” White House press secretary Josh Earnest asked reporters. “I don’t think anybody who has been paying attention to Republican politics are really surprised.” 
Earnest painted the incident as an indictment of the entire Republican Party, which he suggested is plagued by supporters with racist views.

He said it was a shame that Trump failed to challenge offensive views of his supporters, as Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) famously did at a rally during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Earnest blasted other Republicans for declining to take on Trump, saying “they are looking for those same votes."

It's about time somebody called the GOP out on their 50-state Southern Strategy of dog-whistle racism, and even better it was somebody in the White House, doing it very, very publicly, in front of the brain-dead WH press corps so that even they had to take notice.

During a rally in New Hampshire on Thursday, Trump declined to address claims by multiple supporters who called Obama a Muslim.

“We have a problem in this country, it’s called Muslims. We know our current president is one — you know he’s not even an American. But anyway, we have training camps growing where they want to kill us. That’s my question, when can we get rid of them?”

Trump responded: “We’re going to be looking at a lot of different things, a lot of people are saying bad things are happening, we’re going to be looking at that and plenty of other things.”

In the past, Trump has questioned whether Obama was born in the U.S.

Republicans are trying to use this as an attack on Trump, but the reality is every one of the Republicans running for Obama's job has either publicly questioned the President's faith as a Christian, his birthright as an American citizen, or in Trump's case, both.

And he's not alone in these racist attacks, either.

Good for the White House on this.

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