Friday, October 23, 2015

It Could Lead To Dancing

It's funny how Republicans are always for "small government" and "less government intrusion" unless it's telling other people that their daughters are probably sluts.

An Omaha Public Schools parent meeting devolved into shouting and violence when abstinence-only advocates accused district officials of not being upfront about a new sex education curriculum. 
According to Jay Irwin, a University of Nebraska at Omaha professor in attendance who wrote a detailed description of what happened, there were about 1,000 people in attendance at the Tuesday night meeting and people opposed to the optional curriculum known as comprehensive sex education, or CSE, wore red stickers. Video from the meeting shows total chaos as parents stand and shout about purity. 
“Planned Parenthood has came in. There is a big ring here. We are fighting this on the state level as well,” Amber Parker told local WDAM
One woman, who some have dubbed “#puritymom,” can be seen standing and screaming, “It’s my daughter! My daughter! Who’s going to keep her pure? Nobody! I am! Not OPS! Not OPS!”

Keep in mind, this is a completely optional class.  Parents have long had the right to yank their kids out of sex-ed classes if they didn't agree with what was being taught.  But no, the lunatics will stop anything from being taught.

Parent Bernie Garcia stood outside waving a sign that read, “Say No to Comprehensive Sex Ed.” He was upset over a rumor he’d heard that the course will teach children different sex positions and how to masturbate. 
“That’s disgusting,” he told LiveWellNebraska. “That’s not right. Children should learn about sex when they become adults.” 
The heightened interest is relatively new, LiveWell reports. An April meeting drew only 150 attendees, but the large, vocal crowd was spurred by social media posts, churches and other community organizations, including Nebraskans for Founders’ Values, a conservative Christian group. OPS officials told LiveWell some of the people in attendance Tuesday weren’t necessarily even OPS parents or students.

And there are so many examples of these local groups starting trouble like this in places all across the country, and it leads to dangerous confrontations like this and kids not being taught the facts about things.

But that was the plan all along, you know.  The fact that kids in Omaha might be learning about sex education is enough to enrage these idiots to make sure that children other than their own are kept just as ignorant as they are.

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