Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Last Call For The Christmas Taliban Strikes Again

It's that time of the year again where the Christian outrage police go after businesses for not being Christian enough when it comes to the holiday season, because as we all know any business that doesn't put Jesus on everything after Halloween must hate Christians and must be destroyed.

Starbucks, on Sunday, addressed criticism for removing symbols of the Christmas season from its cups, and making them just plain red with the company logo. Starbucks reportedly came under fire from a Christian group in the U.S. which accused the coffee company of waging a "war on Christmas." 
Starbucks removed the usual array of decorative images such as Christmas trees and snowflakes that adorned the cups in previous holidays with a simple red cup with their green and white logo. 
Starbucks reportedly said in a statement Sunday that it tries "to create a culture of belonging, inclusion and diversity," adding that the cup is meant to be a "blank canvas" that encourages "customers to tell their Christmas stories in their own way." 
Joshua Feuerstein -- a former pastor who calls himself a "social media personality" -- posted a video on Facebook last week, criticizing Starbucks for removing "Christmas from their cups because they hate Jesus." 
In an email to CNNMoney Sunday, Feuerstein noted that his video has had more than 10 million views. 
"I think Starbucks has gotten the message that the Christian majority in this country has awakened and are demanding that our voice be heard," Feuerstein reportedly wrote.

These of course are the same evangelical Christians who say they are being victimized by the evil gay mafia over same-sex marriage, victimized by schools for not teaching Bible classes, victimized by other religions for being allowed to exist in a "Christian country" even though the Constitution expressly forbids such things, and on and on.

We've gotten to the point now where a red coffee cup is "anti-Jesus"

If this is your Christianity, I want no part of it.

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