Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Last Call For Hell Freezing Over

Meanwhile, in a late Both Sides Do It 2015 Hall of Fame submission, Sen. Ted Cruz, the prime beneficiary of the "At least he's not Trump" theory of GOP nomination, went on NPR this morning to tell liberals that all those climate scientists are all stupid and wrong, not like Ted Cruz.

CRUZ: So let me ask you a question, Steve. Is there global warming, yes or no? 
INSKEEP: According to the scientists, absolutely. 
CRUZ: I'm asking you. 
CRUZ: OK, you are incorrect, actually. The scientific evidence doesn't support global warming. For the last 18 years, the satellite data - we have satellites that monitor the atmosphere. The satellites that actually measure the temperature showed no significant warming whatsoever
INSKEEP: I'll just note that NASA analyzes that same data differently. But we can go on. 
CRUZ: But no, they don't. You can go and look at the data. And by the way, this hearing - we have a number of scientists who are testifying about the data. But here's the key point. Climate change is the perfect pseudoscientific theory for a big government politician who wants more power. Why? Because it is a theory that can never be disproven
INSKEEP: Do you question the science on other widely accepted issues - for example, evolution? 
CRUZ: There is a fundamental difference, which is in the name of global warming, you have politicians trying to impose trillions of dollars of cost on the world. In the I-95 Corridor, among the Washington elite, global warming is very popular because it makes you feel good about caring for the world. But I'll tell you, you know who I'm concerned about? I'm concerned about the single mom waiting tables right now, who for seven years of the Obama economy has been trapped in stagnation. Her wages have been stagnating. It's harder and harder to make ends meet. And what the Washington elites are trying to do is double her energy bill. 
INSKEEP: Do you question other science, like evolution
CRUZ: Any good scientist questions all science. If you show me a scientist that stops questioning science, I'll show you someone who isn't a scientist. And I'll tell you, Steve. And I'll tell you why this has shifted. Look in the world of global warming. What is the language they use? They call anyone who questions the science - who even points to the satellite data - they call you a, quote, "denier." Denier is not the language of science. Denier is the language of religion. It is heretic. You are a blasphemer. It's treated as a theology. But it's about power and money. At the end of the day, it's not complicated. This is liberal politicians who want government power. 
INSKEEP: You know that your critics would say that it's about power and money on your side. Let's not go there for the moment. But I want to ask about this. I want to ask about facts
CRUZ: But hold on a second. Who's power - but let's stop. I mean, if you are going to... 
INSKEEP: Energy industry, oil industry, Texas... 
CRUZ: If you're going to toss an ad hominem. 
INSKEEP: OK, not meaning to be an ad hominem. But you know. You know there are economic interests on all sides of this. 
CRUZ: If you're going to toss an ad hominem, then let's actually respond because there's not a moral equivalency. You say it is about power and money. I'm trying to keep power with the American people. I'm trying to keep power with the single mom waiting tables not to drive up her energy bills. I'm trying to keep power with the teenage immigrant, like my dad was, washing dishes. Now, how is that about power and money other than keeping Washington out of their lives and making it easier for people to achieve the American dream? That's who I'm fighting for.

I like Steve Inskeep.  I listen to him daily.  But Cruz just stomps the hell out of him here and Inskeep does nothing to try to stop him.  Inskeep tries to ask Cruz about facts and seconds later is apologizing to Cruz for making an ad hominem argument, and then Cruz immediately goes on to make an ad hominem argument.

If you want to know why Republicans are winning the battle for hearts and minds in America over global warming, and dragging everyone else down into the depths of cynicism and apathy so that nothing gets done, this interview is a perfect example.

Inskeep not only accepts Cruz's idiotic framing, he apologizes for trying to bring the interview back to facts and ends up on trial himself in the court of Ted Cruz's bonkers opinions.

Amazing stuff here, this is a professional Gish Gallop done by a talented liar, and Inskeep, a veteran journalist and interviewer with decades of experience, is completely helpless.

Multiply that by millions of interaction over years and you see why and how we have America a country where we're calling scientist liars and Republicans can stand bravely against a global conspiracy instead of being laughed off the planet.

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