Friday, December 11, 2015

Last Call For Three Percent Short Of Sane

Our old friends the Three Percenters are back, and they're more than happy to tell everyone who will listen that they will protect us from The Scary Brown Beturbaned Horde.

The Three Percenters have expressed concerns about national security in waging anti-Muslim activities this year. It's unclear whether they've also been influenced by the provocative speech of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump following the deadly Paris attacks.

"We will interfere with every move they (Muslims) make towards taking over our country," Dallas protest organizer David Wright said in response to questions the Associated Press sent to his personal Facebook page. "We are ready to fight back if they come at us violently." 
Wright, who plans to protest Saturday at a different mosque, hasn't advertised the "Three Percenters" name in his activities. But he claimed membership in comments on Facebook and told the AP he was a leader in a Texas chapter. A second Facebook profile appends the Roman numeral "III" to his name, as do other Three Percenters, and features a black "III%" patch as a background photograph. 
The Three Percenters movement began in 2008, galvanized by President Barack Obama's election, followers and researchers say. The name comes from the disputed percentage of colonials who armed themselves and fought the British during the American Revolution. 
The number of Three Percenters is unclear partly because anyone can ascribe to the movement. The man credited as the founder has claimed 3 million on his blog. One national Three Percenters' Facebook group has about 12,000 members, including people from all 50 states. 
Followers appear to consist mainly of white, male, conservative gun owners who believe the nation has been pushed to a tipping point by socialists in government aiming to disarm them, strip their constitutional rights and take their property, according to groups that track anti-government movements.

Yeah, a group of folks calling for open, armed revolution against the government, but after seven years they haven't quite pulled the trigger yet on their national movement.  Go figure.

It's a lot easier to bully Muslims however, and these guys are all about standing outside mosques with AR-15s in open carry states and daring somebody to do anything about it, because they are manly, manly patriots.

I'm tired of these idiots, personally.  I wish they would either start their revolution or shut up, one or the other, so we can be done with it all.

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