Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Worst Accountants On Earth

It's nice to be a federal legislator, especially a US Senator, because whenever you get caught taking too much in bribes lobbyist contributions you can always call a mulligan.

Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker had not properly disclosed millions of dollars in income from real estate, hedge funds and other investments until last Friday, according to a Sunday evening report from The Wall Street Journal. The Republican senator said these were oversights he has since corrected.

“I am extremely disappointed in the filing errors that were made in earlier financial disclosure reports,” the Tennessee Republican told the Journal in a statement, after the newspaper had queried his office about his past financial reports that it said contained irregularities.

Corker, who is the third-ranking Republican on the Senate Banking Committee, did not properly disclose at least $2 million in income from investments in three separate hedge funds in Tennessee, as well as millions of dollars in income from commercial real estate investments because of an accounting error, and millions of dollars in various other assets and income from transactions.

According to the report, Corker filed amendments to his previous personal financial reports on Friday.

“After completing a full, third-party review, we have corrected this oversight,” Corker said in his statement to the newspaper, adding that he had hired an accounting firm after the Journal began making inquiries.

Now, if you and I failed to disclose millions of dollars in income over seven years, the IRS would have put you away for tax fraud.  But he's a Senator, and a powerful one, so the rules don't exactly apply, do they?

"Filing errors" for the goddamn win.

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