Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Clown Car Crashes

The wheels came off the clown car last night in the GOP debate in South Carolina, and it happened at this point here.

During the second hour of the GOP debate in South Carolina on Saturday, the conversation went beyond anything ever seen in a Republican debate.

After the six men hurled insults back and forth, the debate took a steep dive into chaos around when Cruz hit Trump for previously supporting liberal policies.

“The next president is going appoint one, two, three, four Supreme Court Justices,” Cruz said. “If Donald Trump is president, he will appoint liberals. If Donald Trump is president… your Second Amendment will go away. You know how I know that?”

CBS moderator John Dickerson cut him off.

“Hold on gentlemen. I’m going to turn this car around,” Dickerson said.

When Trump continued talking and questioning Cruz’s conservative credentials, Dickerson again attempted to control the stage.

“All right, gentlemen… We’re in danger of driving this into the dirt.”

I mean, at some point voters have to realize that these guys are absolutely bonkers, right?


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