Saturday, March 12, 2016

No Cinti For Old Trump

Donald Trump is no longer planning a rally in Downtown on Sunday afternoon.

The Secret Service security supporting the GOP presidential front runner's campaign could not complete its preparation work in time to hold the event at the Duke Energy Convention Center, said Eric Deters, a local spokesman for Trump's campaign.

"Trump wants to come here, and the campaign is still looking to find a location for either Sunday or Monday," Deters said.

Another rally scheduled for Friday in Chicago was postponed because of safety concerns. Supporters and protestors clashed at a campus arena where the rally was supposed to take place.

Shame.  I would have loved to see this town tell Trump to go to hell, with students from Xavier, UC, Miami of Ohio, NKU and Cincy State leading the way.

The billionaire real estate developer is scheduled to hold a rally in Doral, Florida, on Monday night.

Trump also plans to hold rally in Cleveland on Saturday afternoon.

The campaign had reserved Duke Energy Convention Center to hold a rally from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Sunday. City officials also said the campaign had inquired about holding a rally at Lunken Airport, but the city does not have enough parking to accommodate thousands of people at the East End airfield.

Holding a rally at Lunken would have been logistically easier for the Trump campaign, which recently held an event next to Trump's private plane at an airport hangar in Columbus.

We'll see if he still makes Dayton this afternoon.  Hell, he still may come here.  I don't buy the prep work argument at all, every venue has to be checked in advance.  There's nothing unusual about the Duke Energy Center either, it's right downtown off the 71-75 split.  Why is Dayton going ahead?

Who knows.  Trump is a master showman, in the Barnum sense.  Something about Cincy isn't right today for him.  He's a "winner" and "winners" don't cancel, especially when he needs Hamilton and Butler counties to win on Tuesday in a tight race with Kasich.

We'll see.

[UPDATE] And as soon as I get done writing this...

Looks like he's trying to throw off the protesters. I knew it.

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