Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Last Call For Wacky Mix-Ups

Odd how things that would land any of us in jail are just "mix-ups" when you're a Republican congressman.

Donald Trump’s point man in the House of Representatives improperly used campaign funds on video games and his children’s private Christian school, according to Federal Election Commission filings. And his staff’s explanations for the expenses are not particularly explanatory.

From September 21 through December 16 of last year, Duncan D. Hunter, the Republican congressman from California who endorsed Trump in February, used $1,302 he raised for his reelection campaign on video game fees. Another $1,650 was spent on Christian Unified Schools, a private school district in San Diego, which serves evangelicals.

Joey Kasper, Hunter’s chief of staff, told The Daily Beast it was all a big misunderstanding that was in the process of “being resolved.”

“I’ve got answers for you,” Kasper said. And he did, although they didn’t really help to clarify anything.

Hunter has been in Congress since 2009, when he succeeded his father, Duncan Hunter Sr., who left his office to run, unsuccessfully, for president. The younger Hunter had put himself through college by founding a web design company and then, after September 11, he joined the Marines, serving two tours in Iraq. According to his financial disclosures, Hunter does not have much personal wealth to speak of.

According to Kasper, it was Hunter’s 13-year-old son, also named Duncan, who was to blame for the 67 charges, totaling $1,302, from Steam Games. It’s a gaming platform that allows users to play dozens of different games—including seven versions of Call of Duty—on their computers.

The issue of the video games, Kasper said, was “complicated.”

So, if I had used a company credit card to pay for school tuition or buy $1,300 in video games off of Steam, I'd be fired, I'd have to pay the company back, and most likely they would press charges. Duncan Hunter does it, it's a wacky episode of Seinfeld.

But hey, let's be sure to grind Alan Grayson under an ethics investigation while we're at it.

I guess Hunter would have been in real trouble if he had accidentally bought lobster or t-bone steaks with that money, huh?  I guess we would have to test him for drugs in order to shame him off the public dime.


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