Saturday, April 9, 2016

Lyin' Ryan Rumors A-Flyin'

For a guy who surely isn't running for the Oval Office as Inflatable Backup in case of Contested Convention, GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan is absolutely doing a terrible job of pretending he's not interested in the job.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is scheduled to be in Cincinnati for a private GOP fundraiser next month, The Enquirer has learned.

The Miami University graduate's Downtown visit on May 4 could have extra intrigue. Ryan isbeing mentioned as the possible Republican presidential nominee if the party ends up in a brokered convention this summer.

It's believed the visit will be Ryan's first to Cincinnati since he replaced John Boehner in October.

The fundraiser, to be held at the Queen City Club, will be for the National Republican Congressional Committee.

That's right, Ryan is fundraising here in Cincy, the swing state spot in swing state Ohio, next month.

But let's keep pretending he's not the guy the GOP establishment wants to come out of a contested convention between Cruz and Trump.

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