Saturday, May 14, 2016

Dispatches From Bevinstan,Con't

Morning Consult's regular survey of the popularity of the nation's governors finds that being in office for just six months, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin's approval rating is a dismal 33%.

Republicans take eight of the spots on the list of 10 most popular governors. Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker is America's most popular governor, and he is followed very closely by fellow Republican Larry Hogan of Maryland. Delaware's Jack Markell is the country's most popular Democratic governor. 
Despite national outrage being directed to Snyder and his administration, he does not have the worst approval rating. America's least popular governor is Republican Gov. Sam Brownback in Kansas, who is embroiled in ongoing budget woes that followed large tax cuts. Only 26 percent of Kansas voters approved of his job performance, compared to 65 percent who said they did not. 
Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy, whose state has experienced job losses to neighboring Massachusetts, is the second-least popular governor in the country and the least popular Democrat. His approval is 29 percent, while 64 percent of voters in the Nutmeg State disapprove of his performance. 
America's newest governors, Kentucky Republican Matt Bevin and Louisiana Democrat John Bel Edwards, have experienced opposite fates as voters have gotten to know them better since they were elected last fall. In the Bluegrass State, Bevin's approval rating sits at 33 percent, well below the 57 percent support which his Democratic predecessor Steve Beshear enjoyed before he left office. Edwards, meanwhile, has a 10 percent higher approval rating than the 35 percent Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal had at the end of his term.

So Bevin is in the basement with Sam Brownback and Dan Malloy, both of whom have seen major job losses in their respective states due to austerity budgets.  What a surprise, dismantling kynect (which worked great and was a model for the country) and then replacing it with a far worse system in the trainwreck that is Benefind has made Bevin a laughing stock, not to mention his austerity budget cuts set to start costing the state tens of thousands of jobs and wrecking the economy.

But once again, this is exactly what I warned Kentucky voters about for months, and people voted for the guy anyway.

Welcome to Bevinstan, Matt.  Your honeymoon is officially over.

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