Monday, May 9, 2016

He Can't Help Himself

My distaste for the King Of False Equivalency, Ron Fournier, and his both-siderism has long been evident, but he may have finally gone off into the abyss with this one.

Now, let's take a look at this.  Fournier is taking an NY Times piece detailing the crack-up of the GOP and because everything must be "Democrats are as bad the Republicans" to him, it's the "Dem Party will also unspool."

He presents no evidence of this, nor is any evidence of this cited in the article he links.  It's just "because both sides."  He goes on.

It's just going to happen. People hate the parties so they will collapse. It will happen to the Dems too, simoply because it has to happen. You see, if it doesn't, then it was never "Both sides are bad." Just one side, the GOP, crushed by demographics and intolerance. Fournier would be wrong. He can't abide that.

The Democrats are always one election away from extermination.  That won't change in the Village zeitgeist after 2016.

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