Friday, May 20, 2016

Last Call For Where The Hate Come Sweeping Down The Plain

Oklahoma Republicans have been really busy this week, and that really shouldn't be considered a good thing most of the time. First of all, they've decided that women shouldn't be getting those abortion things anymore, and they'll send doctors to jail if they perform them.

Oklahoma lawmakers have passed a bill that makes performing an abortion a felony. 
NPR's Jennifer Ludden told our Newscast unit that the bill is the first of its kind, and an pro-abortion rights group plans to sue if the governor signs the bill into law. Gov. Mary Fallin has not yet indicated what she plans to do. Here's more from Jennifer:

"Under the bill, doctors who perform an abortion could face three years in prison, and lose their medical license. There are no exceptions for rape or incest — only the mother's life. Oklahoma lawmakers passed the measure with no debate. The only doctor in the Senate — a Republican — voted no, calling it 'insane.' " 
That doctor, Sen. Ervin Yen, predicted it would be "declared null and void" should it be signed into law, The Oklahoman reported
As Jennifer reported, "Abortion rights groups say the bill is unconstitutional, a direct violation of Roe v. Wade," the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion nationwide. 
According to The Associated Press, State Sen. Nathan Dahm, one of the bill's authors, is hoping the law will be a step toward overturning Roe v. Wade. 
"Since I believe life begins at conception, it should be protected, and I believe it's a core function of state government to defend that life from the beginning of conception," Dahm told the wire service.

That was yesterday.

But today, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin actually ended up vetoing the bill because it was wildly unconstitutional., but not after these same idiots decided that anyone even tangentially involved with President Obama's advisory letter on treating transgender kids as human beings needs to be removed from office.

Oklahoma's Republican-dominated legislature has filed a measure calling for President Barack Obama's impeachment over his administration's recommendations on accommodating transgender students, saying he overstepped his constitutional authority. 
Lawmakers in the socially conservative state are also expected to take up a measure as early as Friday that would allow students to claim a religious right to have separate but equal bathrooms and changing facilities to segregate them from transgender students. 
The bill introduced on Thursday night could force schools into costly construction, which would be difficult for them to complete after lawmakers significantly cut education funding to plug a $1.3 billion state budget shortfall.

The impeachment resolution also introduced on Thursday night calls on the Oklahoma members of the U.S. House of Representatives to file articles of impeachment against Obama, the U.S. attorney general, the U.S. secretary of education and others over the letter.

I'm not sure where the "costly construction" nonsense is coming from, considering how many schools are already falling apart thanks to austerity budgets across the country.   But it seems to me that Oklahoma Republicans really need to calm down before they all have strokes or something.

Relax, the guy's going to be gone in January.

Of course, they probably won't like his replacement.

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