Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Donald Trump In Mathmagic Land

If Donald Trump somehow had not yet convinced a huge swath of Americans that he was a giant prick with tiny hands before last weekend's horrific events in Orlando, then Don the Con's response to the slaughter at Pulse has pretty much sealed that deal.

In the latest sign Americans are dreading their general election options -- and particularly one of them -- negative views of Donald Trump have surged to their highest level of the 2016 campaign, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll
Trump's unfavorable rating, in fact, far surpasses Hillary Clinton's even as the presumptive Democratic nominee receives her worst ratings in more two decades in public life. 
[Read full poll results and methodology
The poll finds 70 percent of Americans have an unfavorable view of Trump, including a 56 percent majority who feel this way "strongly." Negative ratings of Trump are up 10 percentage points from last month to their highest point since he announced his candidacy last summer, nearly reaching the level seen before his campaign began (71 percent). The survey was conducted Wednesday through Sunday among a random national sample of U.S. adults, coming after last week's primary contests, but with the large majority of interviews completed before Sunday's massacre at an Orlando club.

Holy cats. it's going to be a mess.  Let's take a look at those crosstabs, which finds that two-thirds of Republicans like the guy, and 5% of Democrats do. Five. Percent. Yikes. Among independents, Trump has a 30% number. Among Hispanic voters that number is down to 11% now.

Trump is down to 33% among white women and 46% among white men (he was above 50% with them last month.), 39% overall among white voters.

Clinton does fare better, 75% among Democrats, 11% among Republicans, and 34% among independent voters. Clinton however is at 64% among Hispanic voters.

Clinton is however at a dismal 23% among white men and 39% among white women, 31% overall.

These numbers are, granted, very bad for Clinton.  But Republicans are bound and determined to run the one person with even more awful numbers against her.

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