Friday, June 10, 2016

Last Call For Trumpster Dumpsters

So there are quite a few Republicans who aren't so much "upset" with Trump's rampant racist, misogynist and Islamophobic garbage as they are "convinced he's going to lose".  Republicans are okay with racism, misogyny and Islamophobia, that's why Donald Trump won their primary easily. What they really hate however is a loser, so the "Dump Trump" long knives are out.

Some lawmakers, senior members of the Republican National Committee and delegates to the party’s convention next month in Cleveland acknowledged in interviews this week that another disruptive self-inflicted crisis would force the party to begin seriously looking at ways to deny Mr. Trump the nomination.

So far, discussions of a renewed dump-Trump drive have taken place only among the factions of the party that are openly opposed to Mr. Trump, and they have failed to gain much support.

But Mr. Trump’s suggestion that Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel’s Mexican heritage should disqualify him from hearing a lawsuit against Trump University has reawakened talk of hatching a convention coup — a complicated and nearly impossible measure of last resort that has no precedent in modern Republican politics.

Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee, the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and one of Mr. Trump’s most unapologetic backers on Capitol Hill, suggested this week that Mr. Trump had “a crucial two- or three-week period” to smooth out his rougher edges or put his nomination in jeopardy.

Stopping Mr. Trump at this point could prove additionally difficult, however, because he has quietly filled the most important convention committees — those that will determine the rules and platform — with delegates loyal to him.

Initially seen as not having a strong delegate whip operation, Mr. Trump can now count on about half the seats on the platform and rules committees, according to Republicans who have been tracking delegate selection. This is a major turnaround from two months ago, when Senator Ted Cruz’s campaign was sweeping the delegate contests.

The bottom line is that Trump has until the end of the month to show he can be coached and that his people can get a handle on containing his toxic waste dump of a mouth, otherwise the Republicans are apparently going to try to depose him.

I'm all for an ugly convention and I'll tell you why: the Republicans out there who supposedly see Trump as a problem have one last chance to save their party or be consigned to the dustbin of history. They are going to have to decide which is worse: the immediate amputation of the Trump wing of the party, or the soul cancer of him taking over as head that will slowly wipe them all out.

The first option will cost them 2016. The rough beast slouching towards Cleveland will not abide being starved, and they will turn on each other, coughing up either a badly weakened nominee with Trump as a serious third party threat, or a perhaps a Trump with no support in the general and the GOP simply taking a dive to clear the decks.

The second option however will cost them the country for a generation, it will be their McGovern moment. For even the notion of dumping Trump to be in print is either sign of the RNC throwing a Hail Mary or so utterly incompetent in the message discipline department now that they are doomed in November anyway (and probably a long time after that).

Do I think the Republicans are smart enough to save themselves from Trump?  Possibly. But are there enough of them with the courage to do so?

Don't make me laugh.

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