Friday, July 22, 2016

Bailing Out Of The Zeppelin

In blue state areas where The Party Of Trump might not be able to win without more than just "working class" white voters, at least some Republicans see the writing on the wall when it comes to what Trump will do to the GOP brand in November and well beyond.

The vice chairman of the Washington, D.C., GOP party plans to resign from his post and vote for libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in November, the longtime Republican operative told The Daily Beast. Gary Teal, a delegate at the Republican convention, said he had already told fellow delegates that he will resign. 
“If I’m not going to vote for the nominee, then I have to resign my position,” Teal said. “I’m prepared to do that.” Three additional delegates from Washington, D.C., joined Teal to announce their support for the libertarian candidate. Justin Dillon, Kris Hammond, and Peter Lee—who were wearing #NeverTrump buttons—spoke to The Daily Beast in the hallway of Quicken Loans Arena, just minutes after Donald Trump finished his keynote speech on Thursday night. 
“The RNC has bungled this nomination process by having bad rules,” Teal said, referring to a controversy over nominating rules that caused chaos on the convention floor Monday. “And now at this convention, they’ve sacrificed integrity in favor of unity.” 
In a CNN poll released last week, Johnson polled at 13 percent against the field of Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

Republicans jumping ship for the Libertarians?  The more the merrier.  It's nice to see that people who really do see their party as coming apart are willing to leave.

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