Thursday, September 15, 2016

Intercourse With Various Members Of The Genus Rattus

Republicans understand two things about politics: First, that black voters are the heart and soul of the Democratic party, and second, any efforts by the GOP to peel us away from voting blue is always "newsworthy" no matter how ridiculous.  But this time it really is worth noting, as I see our friend Bruce Carter from "Black Men for Bernie" is back...and now he's teaming up with the Trump campaign.

Promising to deliver Donald Trump and the Republicans the highest percentage of black votes since 1965 Voting Rights Act, the founder of Black Men for Bernie is now launching Trump for Urban Communities.

Bruce Carter is touting the effort “largest ground game in the country” targeted at black voters — with a platform focused on urban investment, self-sufficiency, and resources for small businesses. “It’s about teaching people how to fish instead of giving them a fish and walking away,” Carter told BuzzFeed News in an interview. 
He said he’s aiming to place 2,000 staffers in North Carolina, Florida, and Pennsylvania, hiring them to make direct voter contact and pitch Trump’s gospel by setting up barbershops as “our information hubs.” This would be an enormous project; by comparison, Hillary Clinton’s campaign had about 700 staffers total in recent months. 
Carter believes his “partnership” with the Trump campaign is “ten times the value” of an endorsement. “A partnership means that both [sides] have an obligation to do something. It allows me to hold people accountable.” 
“It’s about getting people to buy into the partnership. No other campaign has considered spending this kind of money.” 
Carter said he had assurances from top Trump aides that the candidate and campaign was committed to making the effort successful, but he didn’t have specifics on what the Trump campaign plans to spend on Trump for Urban Communities. The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment. A website for the outreach strategy previewed by BuzzFeed News describes it as “a movement to ensure that Donald Trump wins the presidency and the Republicans retain Congress during the 2016 Election.” 
Carter criticized political parties and campaigns who send staff from outside of areas instead of hiring inside communities where people need help. “We’re going to have train them and teach them how to market Donald Trump.” 
The site also features video clips of Louis Farrakhan slamming Clinton as “a wicked woman,” clashing with Barack Obama on the debate stage, and her using the term “superpredators” in a 1996 speech. “We cannot afford to allow a self-serving POTUS and the Democrats to prevail, especially in light of the Supreme Court appointments (one to potentially three) that will occur this election cycle,” the site reads.

Who knew that the endgame of the anti-Clinton grift targeting black voters was to recycle the playbook and ride the Trump Train?

Oh wait.

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