Monday, September 26, 2016

Last Call For History's Dustbin

As we go into tonight's debate, remember Trump is the guy supposedly running neck and neck with Clinton, and he's doing it with support from people like this.

A vendor at the Bloomsburg Fair in Pennsylvania advertised his wares by displaying a large Nazi flag next to a Donald Trump banner, according to The Citizens' Voice, a local Pennsylvania paper.
The flag was taken down Monday after it was initially spotted and a fairgoer posted a picture of it on social media Sunday night.

“Security and the directors and other people did take care of it,” concessions clerk Barbara Belles told The Citizens’ Voice. Belles also said the vendor was apparently displaying the flag for political purposes.

Additional Nazi flags were confiscated from the vendor Monday morning, according to ABC affiliate WNEP.

Nothing to see here.  But you'll keep up with your third party protest vote because keeping this asshole (who is getting support from literal, actual Nazis!) out of the White House somehow is less important than registering your equal displeasure with both major parties, right?

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