Saturday, October 15, 2016

It's A House Afire

The latest Cook Political Report analysis of the House shows Democrats assured to pick up a handful of seats, with more than a dozen additional GOP seats vulnerable to flipping as toss-ups and a dozen more in play on top of that.

The total number of seats in play is astonishing: 11 Democratic seats and only one is in real jeopardy,  retiring Rep. Gwen Graham is leaving as Tallahassee's congresswoman and at best 7 seats are really in play.

On the GOP side however there are 46 seats up for grabs in total, at least five are lost and a wave election could cost them more than two dozen more.  The Dems need 30 to flip the House and put the gavel back in Pelosi's hands, and kick Paul Ryan out of the Speaker's office.

And I think Donald Trump might be the key to doing just that.

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