Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Orange And The Red, Con't

Looks like The Donald's Russian friends didn't take too kindly to Newsweek's Thursday story about Trump breaking America's embargo with Cuba in the late 90's, as on Friday hackers mysteriously swamped the magazine's website and took it down.

"We don't know everything. We're still investigating," Newsweek editor in chief Jim Impoco told POLITICO. "But it was a massive DDoS attack, and it took place in the early evening just as prominent cable news programs were discussing Kurt Eichenwald's explosive investigation into how Donald Trump's company broke the law by breaking the United States embargo against Cuba."

A DDoS attack, or distributed denial of service attack, is when an attacker attempts to overwhelm a website or server with traffic, rendering it unable to function reliably. 
As of Friday afternoon, Impoco told POLITICO that the main IP addresses involved in the hack were Russian, but that there was "nothing definitive" about the ongoing investigation. 
The magazine’s cover story, “How Donald Trump’s company violated the United States embargo against Cuba,” was posted online around 5:30 AM on Thursday. By Thursday evening, a "fairly sophisticated" attack took Newsweek’s website down "for hours," Impoco said. Newsweek's IT team worked through the night to get the website back online, he said. 
"It would either be a big coincidence, or it had to do with this story," Impoco said Friday. " ... We were fortunate that some other sites picked up the story so that people could still read it."

So if you had trouble getting to the story yesterday in the post above, there's your answer.

The Orange and the Red, indeed.

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