Monday, November 14, 2016

Black Lives Still Don't Matter, Con't

Meanwhile with all the election issues that America is neck deep in right now, it was very easy to overlook the fact yet another cop got away with killing a black man, and it happened right here in Cincy as the man accused of murdering Sam DuBose got a hung jury and mistrial last week.

After a judge ordered a mistrial in the Ray Tensing murder trial Saturday, it will be up to Prosecutor Joe Deters to decide whether or not he wants to retry the case. 
Deters said he was disappointed by the mistrial, but noted it's still a better result than a "not guilty" verdict for him and others who believe Tensing was wrong when he fatally shot Sam DuBose during a traffic stop last year.

"I am grateful for what the jury did in terms of the time and energy," Deters said. "I am very disappointed because I think we have put on an incredible case which demonstrated murder."
Tensing faced two charges in DuBose's death: murder and a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter. 
"He intentionally shot him in the head," Deters said. "And that is not, in my mind, justifiable." 
Deters has repeatedly said he believes the evidence shows that Tensing is guilty. Whether or not he will retry the case depends on whether he thinks another jury would convict Tensing on one of the charges. He said he would keep the same charges, which were the charges returned by the grand jury. 
"If I think we can win, we'll retry the case," Deters said.

Look around, Mr. Deters.  Ohio is not a state where a jury would ever convict a cop for the execution of a black person.  The voters in this state made that loud and clear on Tuesday.  We're now to the point of questioning whether there should even be a trial.

Sam DuBose's life didn't matter, so like with everything else this week, we'll be told to "get over it" and move on to the next injustice.

When does that finally stop, I wonder?  When do black lives matter?

They haven't so far in this country's long history.  What will it take to change that?

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