Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dispatches From Bevinstan, Con't

If you thought Kansas's economy was the laughing stock of the country, wait until Matt Bevin makes sure Kentucky is about to get the full Brownback.

Unhindered by a state Democratic Party reduced to rubble on election day, Republican Gov. Matt Bevin claimed a bold mandate from Kentucky voters Wednesday and vowed to overhaul state government in ways he couldn't during his first year in office.

Bevin's to-do list after Republicans seized control of the state House of Representatives for the first time since 1920 includes overhauling the state's tax code, making it illegal for companies to force employees to join a labor union, letting parents send their children to private schools with the help of public dollars and getting rid of the Common Core educational standards.

And late Tuesday night, Bevin said he expects the new Republican majority to pass laws reversing several court decisions that blocked some of his executive orders — including one that abolished and replaced the board of trustees at the University of Louisville.

"The people are already seizing this chance before them," Bevin said during an appearance on WHAS radio. "Over the next generation you will see Kentucky become a beacon to America for what it means to be open for business."

Kentucky has long resisted becoming a right-to-work state because of coal miner unions.  That's dead and gone, along with what's left of the the state's public school system, Bevin will raid the education budget for the same type of charter school scam John Kasich is running, currently tied up in Ohio's courts over blame and fraud accusations for losing tens of millions of taxpayer dollars.

And tax reform?  That will be the big one.  And nothing can stop him now. Especially not "courageous" Democrats like these.

Democratic state Rep. Brent Yonts blamed the abrupt end of his 20-year state House career on a trend in his western Kentucky district to vote straight Republican, spurred by the unpopularity of Hillary Clinton atop the Democrats' ticket.

"We had the worst presidential candidate on the Democratic ticket we've ever had," Yonts added. "The believability factor was what killed her and killed us."

The Brownback Plan is coming.  And it will end this state's economy just as surely as Kansas is on the edge of transferring billions in corporate tax liability to the backs of citizens.

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