Monday, November 7, 2016

Last Call For The Last Map

Here's my final map prediction for tomorrow:

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323-215 to Secretary Clinton, Trump takes Iowa and Ohio, but loses all the other swing states: FL, OH, NC, PA, VA, CO, NH and NV.

326-212 if you switch Ohio and NC.  I would be pleasantly surprised if the Buckeye State didn't disappoint me.  It's possible Florida could go either way too but I have to hang my hat on something, and that's going to be the huge Latino early voter turnout in FL and NV.

Trump has no viable path to 270 if he loses both, he'd have to run the table on all the other swing states I named except for New Hampshire, and he's just not going to break the Virgnia/Colorado/Pennsylvania Clinton firewall and still lose Florida.  If he does, he wins outright and will win. Bigly, even.

Still, sticking with the above map, which is Obama 2012 minus OH and IA, but plus NC.

What about the Senate?

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I think Dems are going to get pickups in PA, WI, and IL for sure and defend Harry Reid's seat in NV, meaning they have to get at least one win in Missouri, Indiana, NC or NH. I think they'll get all but NH in this scenario, so 52-48 Dems.

Please vote tomorrow if you have not voted already.

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