Tuesday, December 6, 2016

All The President's Trolls

Trump campaign spokesperson Kellyanne Conway has been mentioned as Trump's new WH press secretary, but Conway has indicated that she wants something far more powerful than to be just the Trump's stenographer.  It looks like Conway has found her goal: we're getting "Trump TV" after all, only it will have the full power of the presidency behind it.

Senior Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said in an interview Monday that she is considering leading a group being formed that will provide “a surround-sound super structure” to bolster the new administration’s political and policy goals
The entity, whose legal structure has not yet been determined, will serve as the outside hub to support President-elect Donald Trump’s agenda. Discussions about the formation of the group have been underway for several weeks. 
People familiar with the planning said that some helping organize the as-yet unnamed group have a working motto: "Unleash the Potential," a moniker to describe the quick start they are expecting of Trump administration and the Republican-led Congress in the first part of 2017. The new president and GOP leaders are preparing to enact sweeping changes to the nation's tax, immigration and health-care policies. 
Conway told The Washington Post that she is still deciding whether to join Trump at the White House or run the organization, which will seek to harness his most fervent supporters in political and policy fights. Republicans will have a smaller but still dominant majority in the House and will control 52 seats in the Senate. On legislation, however, the Senate filibuster is a factor, requiring at least 60 senators to vote to clear procedural hurdles and move to final passage. 
Conway said it will be important for the organization to be run by someone “close to the president” who understands Trump’s priorities. 
“He’s going to be a very active president who wants to accomplish things quickly,” she said, adding: “We want to honor that by being ready.” Conway said she and her family are considering relocating to Washington from New York and have been house-hunting.

Who needs FOX News, CNN, or even Breitbart when Trump will literally have his own propaganda machine?  If you thought "Organizing For America" was somehow a creepy cult of personality or something, meet the new boss's giant loudspeaker, and please note how the "legal structure has yet to be determined".

Time to catapult the propaganda, kids, with the help of Trump's "most fervent" supporters.  A paid, presidentially-sanctioned army of trolls. It doesn't get any better.

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