Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Last Call For Crashing The Confederate Cotillion

Trump supporters are fighting it out over their little neo-Nazi victory party in Washington DC next month and I just don't have enough popcorn.

The “alt-right” erupted in a civil war Monday after one of the movement’s leaders banned another from appearing at the pro-Donald Trump “DepolaBall” for his history of flirting with Nazism.

The argument seems to have begun when NY Magazine writer Jesse Singal pointed out that one of the headliners for the D.C. event with the Twitter handle Baked Alaska had a history of anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi tweets about the “Jewish question.” Shortly afterwards, Singal watched in real time as Baked Alaska’s name was removed from the Google Doc listing attendees.

Fellow alt-right leader Mike Cernovich announced the cancellation shortly afterwards, and that Baked Alaska would be replaced with Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

But Baked Alaska soon hit back, accusing Cernovich of betraying the movement and sharing messages from Cernovich asking him to stop throwing Nazi salutes.

From there, Baked Alaska took aim at Yiannopoulos, calling him a fraud and a sellout and retweeing tweets calling him a “kike” and Cernovich a “cuck.” One alt-right supporter even burned Cernovich’s book.

Cernovich responded by accusing Baked Alaska of being a drug addict in a now-deleted tweet and Periscope.

The night culminated in dueling Periscope streams, where the two continued to trash each other. Baked Alaska also retaliated by taking control of the official Twitter account behind the Deploraball and saying that Cernovich was the one being banned.

Again, grown men arguing like children not because they are both black-hating, Jew-hating, Mexican-hating white supremacist assholes (both freely admit this) but because one of them doesn't want to other to do full-on Nazi saluting in public at the victory party event they've set up for Trump's inaugural celebration.

These are Trump's core supporters, folks.  These are the people that got him elected.  Maybe not everyone who voted for Trump believes what Cernovich and his racist clowns do, but precisely zero Trump voters thought their open support of Trump and Trump's acceptance of this support disqualified Trump from the presidency.

This is America now.  This is who and what we are.  Take it in.

Then let's start the hard work on fixing it.

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