Sunday, December 18, 2016

Last Call For Trump Cards, Con't

You approve of Glorious Leader Donald Trump, don't you citizen? Four out of five of us do!

On Sunday, Priebus told Fox News host Chris Wallace that Trump’s tweet — and everything else he has done — is supported by 80 percent of the American people.

“I don’t think it’s all that provocative,” Priebus opined.

“You mean the One China policy is up for grabs?” Wallace wondered.

“We’re not suggesting we’re revisiting One China policy right now,” Priebus insisted. “And he’s not president right now and he’s respectful to the current president.”

“The Chinese ripped a drone out of the water,” the Trump aide continued. “President-elect said this is an unprecedented act, totally inappropriate. He didn’t quite use those words, but that’s essentially what he said in a tweet.”

According to Priebus, the U.S. military should not “want that drone back” after it had been handled by the Chinese government.

“I think every single thing he’s done has been factual and has been in line with where 80 percent of the American people are,” Priebus declared.

The reality is much less than 80%, but that no longer matters.


Four out of five real citizens approve of Trump. The fifth one will be dealt with shortly.

Don't be the fifth one, citizen.

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