Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Dark Sessions In American History

So Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, a man so racist that Reagan-era Republicans blocked him from the federal bench, is now Trump's AG.  The damage that Republicans have caused to the Voting Rights Act, civil rights in general, and immigration should be considered at this point to be irreparable.

Sessions will take that single-mindedness to the Justice Department, where he will likely be Trump’s most trusted and powerful cabinet secretary. As attorney general, he will oversee the country’s massively backlogged immigration court system, where judges decide which undocumented immigrants will face deportation. And he’s expected to make significant changes to the priorities of the department’s Civil Rights Division. Under Obama, the division investigated police departments that faced accusations of systemic racial bias. Under Sessions, those investigations will likely be a much lower priority.

Under Sessions, anyone who isn't a white, Christian Republican will be a "much lower priority".

Meanwhile, Sessions is being replaced in the Senate by state GOP AG Luther Strange.  Did I mention Strange was investigating Alabama GOP Gov. Robert Bentley, who just named Strange to the position?

According to Alabama law, the Governor of the state will name a temporary replacement before the seat is filled in a special election.

On such a day as the governor may direct, unless vacancy occurs between 2 and 4 months before the next regularly-scheduled general election, in which case it is held at that election. If vacancy occurs within 60 days of the next regularly-scheduled general election, a special election must be held on the first Tuesday after 60 days have elapsed since the vacancy occurred. 
The Governor has said he won’t order a special election held this year
Complicating matters somewhat is the state’s Governor, Republican Robert Bentley is currently in the middle of a personal scandal.

Bentley’s campaign finance report filed Tuesday shows the governor’s campaign paid more than $320,000 in legal bills in 2016. 
Bentley faced an impeachment push and an ethics complaint after he was accused of having an affair with his former political adviser. The governor has acknowledged personal mistakes, but maintained he did nothing legally wrong. 
What’s complicating matters greatly is Bentley’s reported top choice to replace Sessions, Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange, appears to be investigating the Governor.

Citing three Republicans close to the matter, Politico said Strange has plans to travel to Washington, D.C. this week to interview possible Senate office staffers.

Strange’s possible appointment is mired in controversy. Last year, he asked the House committee investigating Bentley’s relationship with former staffer Rebekah Caldwell Mason to suspend its proceedings while his office conducts “necessary related work.”
Strange has not confirmed if his office is investigating Bentley. 
If Strange becomes a Senator the Bentley would name his replacement as state Attorney General.

Strange will be named to the seat today.  And the swamp draining continues.  Sessions backs Trump early, gets his dream job as AG, Bentley sends Strange up as his replacement and kills the investigation against himself, and gets to name a replacement AG who of course will close the probe.

Because this is how America works in the Trump regime era.

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