Saturday, February 18, 2017

Congressman Crackpot

I'm sorely disappointed in my Representative, Republican Thomas Massie.  He's gone from a mostly harmless crank to a growing national embarrassment, and it's time for him to be removed from office in 2018.

U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie unleashed some theories about Russia, dark forces and President Trump that left CNN anchor Kate Bolduan stunned.

Northern Kentucky's congressman said he sees dark and powerful forces in the military and intelligence community, which he called the "deep state," pushing Trump into a war with Russia.

In the interview on CNN on Friday, Bolduan seemed at a loss for words.

Then, at the end, Massie, a Lewis County Republican, suggested President Barack Obama covered up Saudia Arabia's involvement in 9/11.

"I'm concerned that it's an effort on those who want a provocation with Russia or other countries to sort of push the president in the direction," Massie said in the interview. "So I don't think it's Trump vs. Obama. I think it's really the deep state vs. the president, the duly elected president."

Bolduan asked Massie to clarify whether he thinks there's a concerted effort to provoke Russia. Massie said it's the same military industrial complex that pressured Obama to get involved in Libya, Syria and Ukraine.

"I think he got pulled by the military-industrial complex and the intelligence community into these positions, he even helped cover up Saudi Arabia's involvement in 9/11," Massie said.

Massie is lost in the hall of mirrors that is tinfoil Infowars land, full of juicy conspiracy theories and calls to get rid of entire government agencies.  What he's not doing is his job of representing the people of KY-4, and he's a laughingstock on national television.

Actually I take that back.  He really does represent the people of KY-4, because they're uninformed crackpots too.

Creationist and Christian fundamentalist Ken Ham believes that in ancient times humans and dinosaurs co-existed with a race of giants and they all did battle with each other in gladiator-style combat.

Huffington Post’s Ed Mazza said Friday that Ham tweeted an image of a new diorama in Kentucky’s “Ark Encounter” theme park that features humans, giants and dinosaurs battling to the death in a Roman-style arena.

We're already a national joke here in NKY.  Why would our Representative not be a nutjob?

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