Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Forget It Jake, It's Trumptown

I've had my disagreements with the mostly harmless Jake Tapper, but it seems the Trump Regime has finally made him self-aware, that as a voice in political media that he has a platform to demand basic truths from the White House.

Of course, dissent is not tolerated in the Trump era.  Even the chuckleheads at Politico 2.0 Axios have figured that part out.

A source with direct knowledge tells Axios that Republican operatives were urging at least one conservative-friendly website to write Jake Tapper hit pieces yesterday after his hard-hitting interview with Kellyanne Conway.

This is hardly shocking, and happens all the time, but in this weaponized political-media environment it could get nasty fast. 
Why go after him: A central part of Team Trump's strategy is discrediting the mainstream media. CNN is his top target, with the New York Times a close second. Jake Tapper is the network's star interviewer, and he's been giving the most aggressive interrogations of Team Trump for months now.

As good ol' TBogg points out, there's a method to this madness.

“I think she has a point in that the media is more aggressive,” Tapper explained. “But I think that there is a good reason for it and it’s exactly what you just said. The stakes are much higher. He’s the president of the United States. a comment he makes about Boeing will affect Boeing’s stock. A comment he makes about a judge, who knows what could happen? A comment he makes trying to discredit the entire media could actually have an effect on things. What a president says is more important than a candidate.” 

And that's the key.  Tapper is saying that holy crap, Trump should be held accountable by the press for his massive lies.  Since the whole point is for Trump to brutally discredit his critics, Tapper saying that he'll start calling out the Trump regime can't be tolerated for long.

I fully expect Trump to call for Tapper's head.  Whether or not he gets it will go pretty far in deciding if we still have an even basically functioning media.

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