Sunday, March 12, 2017

Last Call For The Other Side

I know it's fish, barrel, and fully automatic shotgun time here when I pull out an Other Side post ot have a good laugh at the "intellectual right" but this one was too good to pass up: Weekly Standard's Irwin Stelzer compares sanctuary cities to...wait for it...the segregationist South of the '60s.

The left is attempting to breathe life into the slave-owning and segregationist groups' interposition doctrine. Shades of Little Rock, where President Eisenhower nationalized the entire 10,000-man National Guard to prevent Gov. Orval Faubus from using it to interpose his will between the federal government's mandate to desegregate its schools and his state. And of Gov. George Wallace, another Democrat, who planted himself in a schoolhouse door of the University of Alabama in a show of preventing enforcement of federal writ, only to have President Kennedy do to him what Eisenhower had done to Faubus, and prove that federal law trumps "states' rights".

Our liberal governors and mayors are in the tradition of their Democratic predecessors in Arkansas and Alabama
. They have interposed themselves between the federal government and their sanctuary states and cities, ordering their police to refuse to allow federal agents do fulfill a federal mandate to remove illegal aliens, especially felons, from the country. If statues could smile, those being removed from public places would be grinning from marble ear to marble ear at the resurrection of their legal theory. Ike was famous for his grin, Jack for his cool. But both understood a challenge to federal authority when they saw it, and didn't hesitate to use the threat of force to face down challenges to that authority. Your move, Donald.

So not only is this clown comparing sanctuary cities to segregation (you know, resisting a government order to stop treating people as human beings vs making sure people aren't treated as human beings, OK) but he's more than willing to entertain sending in the National Guard to do...what, exactly?  Round up people and deport them?

Sure.  That makes you the good guys here, Irwin.  Jesus.  That's just like Little Rock.

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