Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Last Call For But Her Emails

Truns out that yes, media coverage of Clinton's email server was a factor in costing her the race, as many have said before.  CNN's Chris Cillizza will admit that it was an issue, but being responsible for the breathless coverage is not something he's going to cop to.

Not only did "email" dominate the conversation around Clinton, it dominated the entire conversation in the race. From October 23 on, Trump is barely talked about -- an amazing feat for someone so willing to make news. 
This study will be used by liberals as evidence that the media's unnecessary focus on Clinton's email server cost her the election. 
I'd agree that Clinton's email server played a decisive role in deciding the election. But I wouldn't agree with the idea that the media is responsible for it. 
After all, it was Clinton who never seemed to grasp the seriousness of the issue and how it eroded the public's already shaky confidence in her. Her inability to do those things meant she was never able to put the story behind her. And then the Comey announcement came, which undoubtedly surged the issue back to the top of many voters' minds. 
Whatever the reasons, when people thought of Clinton in the final weeks of the race, they thought of her emails. And that was a very bad thing for her.

What makes Cillizza an asshole, even now, is that we know good and well that her email server wasn't an iota as bad as what Trump is doing now, with billions in graft for his empire and a regime drowning in corruption, with new revelations weekly, if not daily since the firing of James Comey.

But her emails, right?

I know. 25 years of Clinton Derangement Syndrome is a hard habit to kick, but 63 million still voted for her.  Go figure.

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